There’s 70mil pieces of content added online every day. 89% of ads never get seen by anyone. Personalization kills serendipity. Tech to treat ADHD. Branded content over ads, how do we measure that? 90,000 Meerkats. This Tinder person is not real. Adverts drop to 0.01% response rates. 2015 content buzzwords you need to know about. Is the tech bubble around the corner? Zero Google Glass. Hang on. Hey, are you still reading? 

We live in one giant, saturated and ever-increasing attention overload. It's like an online fight club for eye balls. Including this post. And it's because everyone is craving for our attention that an interesting shift has happened: from display ads to native content, from clicks to real participation, from quantity to quality.

The more we lose our attention span, the more brands invest in creating the best, most native content to cure our advanced ads allergy. With this new shift, they want to understand if their investment shifted our perceptions and moved the needle in any impactful way. 

                                                 "More eyeballs needed. Quite literally."  

                                                "More eyeballs needed. Quite literally."  

So how will this ever increasing investment in content marketing be universally understood?

Will it be about the number of views and clicks? Will it be about social shares? Or the time spent on the piece of content? Or will branded content be measured actionably in the number of leads it provides? There's a lot of angles to one overarching need, right?

We at Knotch think about these questions day in and day out. In fact, we're obsessed with finding answers to these (especially Anda), but we need you to challenge these questions.

Join in with our weekly #Knotchworthy chats along with people we admire. We'll introduce a new topic each week. This week we're talking about attention. 

So in all seriousness, how are you dealing with this Attention Fight Club? What is it about attention that you struggle with? We'd love to see how we can build your thoughts into Knotch. Share your answers with us here or on twitter